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"Entrepreneurship is throwing yourself off a cliff and assembling an airplane on the way down."

-Reid Hoffman




is non-profit making and is committed to developing the capacity of intelligent Nigerian youths by empowering them with knowledge, funds and skills today to create the world of tomorrow.

The organization was formed by a group of philanthropists committed to providing support to young intelligent Nigerians. Bruce Chingez Foundation is proudly sponsored by good-spirited humanitarians who have Nigerian Youths at the centre of sustainable development agenda.

The organization determines the intelligence of the youths by their active and brilliant participation in our programs.

We have rewarded more than a hundred intelligent Nigerian youths since 2017 and still counting. These are individuals who had done exceptionally well in one or more facet of our programs and are still ambassadors of this great organization wherever they are on Earth.


Candidates who solve our puzzle in a given time are rewarded for their hard work.

Our monthly Fastest Finger Quiz has been designed to reward critical thinkers and persons who have excellent problem solving abilities.

We support students and entrepreneurs who have extraordinary acumen in Academics and Business respectively.

To qualify for our financial assistance, all eligible applicants are required to participate in our online psychometric tests.

Applicants requesting for support in their business will also be required to submit their concept notes for review.


All successful candidates will receive funding based on the specifications below:



96 - 100 500,000
90 - 95 250,000
85 - 89 125,000
80 - 84   50,000
75 - 79   20,000
70 - 74   10,000
60 - 69     5,000
50 - 59     2,000


CATEGORY (%)         

70 - 100 Applicants in this category will be invited to submit their concept notes for appraisal. Ability to write good concept notes logically is one of the features that we will look out for. We will take an aggregate of the psychometric test score and the concept note assessment result to determine the Final Score. Grants will be awarded to successful applicants who scored 70% and above according to the amount applied for; but not more than five hundred thousand naira (N500,000)