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  1. Who is eligible to apply?

    The application for Academic Support Award is open to all Nigerian post secondary school students or tertiary aspirants and undergraduates in tertiary institutions, whereas the application for Venture Support Fund is open to corps members, graduates and business owners as well as entrepreneurs who want to start up businesses in Nigeria. (Please see more at our Eligibility page)

  2. How do I apply?

    Read the instructions on Registration Guidelines

  3. I have applied but I have not gotten my Confirmation ID in my inbox, what do I do?

    Your Confirmation ID will no longer be sent to your inbox. It will be displayed on your screen.

  4. I have applied but I forgot or I misplaced my confirmation ID, do I need to re-apply?

    No, multiple applications will be disqualified. You can recover your confirmation ID by clicking on the Login button, then click on ‘Recover Confirmation ID’, enter your email address in the box provided. Your confirmation ID will be displayed to you.

  5. How do I qualify to win either the Academic Support Award or Venture Support Fund?

    To qualify for our grants, all short-listed applicants are required to take our online psychometric tests.

    Those applying for Venture Support Fund will also be required to submit their concept notes for review.

  6. What would the test look like?

    The test is purely psychometric and will focus on these areas of aptitude- General English, General Science, General Knowledge, Numerical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Diagrammatic Reasoning. The test comprises 30 random questions from these areas and is to be completed in 20 minutes.

  7. Why am I asked to purchase a PIN and how much is it?

    In order to enable applicants secure access to some restricted areas of the site, they may be required to purchase a PIN or Access code. The PIN gives them access to our online test portal. The PIN is 1,000 naira only and Banks Commission is 300 naira.

  8. How do I get the PIN?

    Click on the PIN Procurement option found on the homepage, you will get the information you need or visit our guidelines page.

  9. I have successfully purchased my PIN or Access Code, how do I validate it?

    Please login to your dashboard with your confirmation ID, and then click on the Online Test Button. When the portal opens, validate your PIN by entering your Receipt Number or Transaction ID in the box provided

  10. How do I give financial support to the Foundation?

    Email us on You will be advised on how to go about it.

  11. Describe the classification of the Award

    All succesful candidates will receive awards according to the specifications below:  

96 - 100 500,000
90 - 95 250,000
85 - 89 125,000
80 - 84   50,000
75 - 79   20,000
70 - 74   10,000
60 - 69     5,000
50 - 59     2,000


CATEGORY (%)         

70 - 100 Applicants in this category will be invited to submit their concept notes for appraisal. Ability to write good concept notes logically is one of the features that we will look out for. We will take an aggregate of the psychometric test score and the concept note assessment result to determine the Final Score. Grants will be awarded to successful applicants who scored 70% and above according to the amount applied for; but not more than five hundred thousand naira (N500,000)